Director // DoP // Editor

Chase's journey as a filmmaker started when he began writing screenplays at the age of eleven, though it didn't begin manifesting as a career until he started documenting his work as a cargo bike messenger in Chicago. He felt called to make a feature documentary about the Danish cargo bike he had fallen in love with, and realized that, since no one in their right mind would fund such a film, he had to learn how to do everything himself. In doing so he realized he had a skill set that could benefit projects his friends were working on, which has led him to build a business around visual storytelling for brands and organizations that are pursuing heart passions. 

His work is deeply influenced by his lifelong practice and study of Tibetan Buddhism. Weatherfield's models for storytelling are based around the cultivation of empathy, and use spontaneity and presence to draw unique moments of authenticity and richness from its subjects. He is excited to keep pace with the growing world of cycling as well as the movement towards making mindfulness and awareness practices less obscure. 


Producer // Sound Designer

Alexandria has a background in international relations and has spent her life learning about and exploring the ways different cultures interact. One of her biggest strengths is maintaining peace in stressful or adverse circumstances, which is invaluable while making documentaries on challenging topics. Much of Alexandria's work happens behind the scenes, she connects the dots between the variety of roles needed to produce a film, and she is the master of logistics, scheduling, and finances. 

There is a lot of glitz and glamour associated with filmmaking, but anyone who has been on a set knows how stressful and taxing that environment can be. Part of Weatherfield's mission is to provide the people we work with and for an atmosphere that encourages sanity and wellbeing. This is Alexandria's specialty, and she elegantly provides a protected, thoughtful container in which creativity can flow.